Fokus and Scope

BIO-CONS, Jurnal Biologi dan Konservasi which has E-ISSN 2620-3529 and P-ISSN 2620-3510 published by IKIP PGRI Jember, Indonesia. BIO-CONS, Jurnal Biologi dan Konservasi is published as one of the efforts to publish research results related to Biology education. BIO-CONS, Jurnal Biologi dan Konservasi received research results from various parties oriented to the upgrades of science and technology education in biological scope, in order to become a source of scientific information that can contribute to overcoming educational problems, especially in the increasingly complex biology.

Focus and Scope

Topics covered in the journal include modern biology education content, teaching strategies for the classroom and laboratory, field activities include ethnobiology, applications, professional development, social and ethical implications of biology and ways to incorporate such concerns into instructional programs, as well as reviews of books and classroom technology products. Papers about religion, culture, and local wisdom related to biology education rigorous are welcomed.